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Serhat Kaner (Jax Gabriel) has produced 2 new short movies recently:

1- Silent Road ( Horror short movie) Official Trailer!: Written and Directed by Serhat Kaner, Cinematographer: Simon James Gill, Sound Recordist: Robert Calbimonte, Production Manager: Arzu Kaner, Drone Operator: Andrey Beynik, Production Assistant: Andrew Wallace, Script Editors: Arzu Kaner & Anibal Nobel. Cast: Anibal Nobel, Kary Tobon, Serhat Kaner, Shari Flansburg, Ira Temchin, Arielle Nickerson, Sydney Afriyie, Andrey Beynik, Mia Darling Ibáñez Risso, Andrew Wallace.


2- Hit Back Official Trailer! Directed by Serhat Kaner, Cast: Serhat Kaner, Andray Zarytskyy, Sevda Hatipoglu, Dastan Mukhambetov, Samuel Di Fiore, Kawaii Akiona, Mark Rosa, Necdet Yilmaz, Sergei Busmanov, Ozgur Yasar. Camera Operators: Irmakhan Caglayan, Editor: Simon Gill

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